Welcome to Platenger!


"The car accessory with the best cost-benefit ever!"

Lisa. Huston, TX.


What do we do?

We provide a solution for some occasional problems you may have with your car.

The kind of finding a 'please call me' note in your windshield. Mostly to prevent your car being a problem to somebody else.

Think of the following kinds of situations.

  • Someone's car alarm is sounding, and you don’t know how to contact them.
  • Someone’s parked –‘just for a minute, I promise!’– on your way out and is blocking your exit. You really don’t want to call the tow truck.
  • Someone’s parked with the lights on, or maybe has a light off.
  • You accidentally bumped into a parked car, and you need to contact its owner.
  • Someone left his dog inside, parked in the sun, with no windows open!
  • You found a wallet/purse and it has no contact info. But it has a driver’s license, so you’ll be able to find the driver in Platenger, great!
  • Someone has a flat tire, or maybe the engine is leaking.

Now picture yourself as the other party, the car owner. That's where Platenger can help.

How do we do it?

We ask you to download our free app and register your license plate. Don't worry, it's anonymous. No personal information is published with the vehicle profile.

Once you are registered, people can find your plate and text you with Platenger. Great!

Ok but, how will people know that they can text me with Platenger?

Will I have to wait until everybody uses Platenger?

No, we've got you covered. We sell our exclusive stickers for that.

From just $1.99 --plus $2.89 for shipping and handling, you can have our 3"x2" Windshield Sticker to show that you are registered and that you can be texted!

Check out the Windshield Sticker or our Store Home with more stickers options.

We recommend our Premium Individual Windshield Stickers with real-time alerts when QR is scanned, check them out.

We also recommend our Setup Promo Pack it has all you need to get started.


Write us at customersupport@platenger.com, we are glad to help.