Individual Emergency Sticker - 10 Bundle


Get a real-time alert when someone scan your QR code + the messages the scanning user decides to send you.

To use this product you need to download Platenger (free) from Google Play or the App Store and register your vehicle. No personal information is published along vehicles' profiles. Learn more in our home page.

Available for Pre-order

These 3" x 2" stickers are to be put INSIDE your windshield (front & rear) to discreetly show your vehicle is registered. They work almost the same as our Individual Windshield Stickers but, instead of opening a chat with your vehicle, an emergency chat with your vehicle is opened and a short message is automatically sent notifying that the sticker has been scanned. Also, if scanning user has given Platenger location permission, a location message is sent in the same emergency chat.

As well as our Individual Windshield Stickers, when someone scans the QR code in this stickers, Platenger alerts you about that in real time (whether the scanning cell phone owner ends up opening/installing Platenger and texting you or not).

Second, not only Platenger is opened or auto installed (same as the basic Windshield Stickers), when it opens, it goes straight to the emergency chat screen with your vehicle (no need to search for your State & Plate), making even easier for others to contact you.

Since Individual stickers are unique, we bundled a generous 10 pack so you can replace any damaged sticker or have backups to use in your next vehicle!

Keep your sticker visible and make sure you and your emergency contacts will be reachable in an emergency.


Data sheet

Inside windshield or window
Scanning real-time alerts
Alerts when QR is scanned

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